A real estate trust for anyone interested in investing in Japan

We make it easier to invest in
Japanese real estate from overseas

There are many opportunities in Japan’s real estate market. But — until now — investing from overseas has been very challenging. The existing schemes require the involvement of a number of specialists and are costly, complicated, and time-consuming. So, most of these opportunities have been closed off to investors overseas.

CastGlobalTrust was founded to address this situation in the Japanese real estate market. We are a trust company specialising in investments in income-producing properties in Japan. Our trust services make it easier for a wide range of investors to get involved in — and take advantage of — opportunities available here.


A new way for overseas investors to
invest in property in Japan

Very simply, our trust services allow overseas investors to invest in Japanese real estate and act as an alternative financial product to Japan’s existing GK/TK and TMK investment schemes.

Highlights of our trust service

When clients invest in Japanese real estate through our trust service, we can provide:

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Why use a trust to invest in
real estate in Japan?

At CastGlobalTrust, we can tailor our services to the specific requests of our clients. We are a fixed trust company — which has no discretion; we are not a discretionary trustee — so we can act only according to our clients’ instructions.

Our advisors are lawyers, judicial scriveners, tax experts, and other experts. They have received national qualifications and are well versed in the laws of Japan and those necessary for investment in real estate here. They listen carefully to what each of our clients wants and work closely with them to devise the most suitable solutions to meet their needs and investment goals.

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Changing the future of trusts in Japan

CastGlobalTrust is officially registered with the Japanese government as a fixed trust company. It is our mission to expand the possibilities of what such a Japanese trust can offer its clients, within the boundaries of the law.

Our team of lawyers, judicial scriveners, tax accountants, and other experts is committed to bringing our clients a high quality of service. We also work with partners around the world, if necessary, both for their expertise and to ensure that every single legal issue in other jurisdictions is appropriately addressed.

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Please note that we are currently unable to accept new clients

Due to a very positive initial response after the launch of our business, CastGlobalTrust will only be able to focus on a limited number of existing clients in 2023. Please note that we cannot take on any new clients until 2024 or a more appropriate time.

In light of the current circumstances, the Contact Us page and our contact details have temporarily been removed from this website. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

The purpose of this website is solely to give an overview of our business and services. It is not meant to present any offers, invitations, or advertisements to the public to enter into business with CastGlobalTrust.