The way we are helping small overseas investors is revolutionary

One of our core services is to help overseas investors make investments in Japanese real estate through our trust.

Japanese banks offer two main real estate investment schemes, GK/TK and TMK, but they usually only deal with very large investments. However, under a trust agreement at CastGlobalTrust, we can work with investors who want to invest smaller amounts — of even just a few hundred thousand US dollars.

Clients can also expect to borrow up to 50% — or, in some cases, as much as 70% — of a property’s purchase price from Japanese banks at low interest rates (subject to the bank’s policy). And, on top of that, our trust services allow clients to enjoy an overall tax burden of as little as 10%, depending on the double tax treaty between Japan and the country investors reside in and are investing from (such as the one between Japan and Hong Kong).

Our trust services provide clients with a fundamentally different alternative to Japan’s existing investment schemes.

We do what banks are
reluctant to do

Most Japanese banks, which are allowed to act as trusts, have long been hesitant to work with overseas clients to invest in real estate in Japan, except through the complicated and costly GK/TK and TMK schemes. But we aren’t. And we have the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to our clients’ needs and help them meet their goals.

Our three main services

We make investments through our specified beneficial investment security-issuing trust (SIST) scheme

We make investments through a general trust beneficial interest scheme

We act as a real estate agent to help investors find the right properties to invest in

How we invest in real estate on our clients’ behalf through our SIST scheme

When an investor living outside of Japan wants to invest in Japanese real estate, they can invest through our specified beneficial investment security-issuing trust (SIST) scheme, in accordance with the laws of Japan.

First, investors need to be security holders here, in accordance with Articles 185–215 of Japan’s statutory trust law. At CastGlobalTrust, we are a qualified issuer of the required securities, so this is a quick and simple procedure for us. Within moments, the investor’s name is registered in our security holders list, and they are then eligible to invest in Japanese properties.

If an investor is allowed to be a security holder through a SIST scheme, we can take their investment and put it in our trust account. Through that account, they can invest in properties here and take advantage of the benefits our trust company provides.

Since CastGlobalTrust is a Japan-based company, Japanese banks — which are usually reluctant to lend to non-resident individuals and companies — are more willing to lend to us. This is also true if an investor invests through our trust by way of our general trust beneficial interest scheme.

Investing through our general trust beneficial interest scheme

Unlike our SIST scheme, the general trust beneficial interest scheme does not entail the issuing of securities.

Any profits arising from this scheme are deemed to be real estate income, from rent, or the transfer of income (the capital gains investors may receive when they sell their properties to third parties). These profits are subject to income tax, for individual investors, or corporate tax, for incorporated investors, both of which are higher than 10% — the tax rate you could enjoy through our SIST scheme, depending on where you reside. However, the complicated rules of the SIST scheme (such as the 2.5% rule) do not apply to the general trust beneficial interest scheme.

Both schemes have their pros and cons, and we expect every investor to have a clear understanding of them all after having consulted with their own independent advisors.

We have already answered a number of questions from prospective clients about our services.

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Please note that we are currently unable to accept new clients

Due to a very positive initial response after the launch of our business, CastGlobalTrust will only be able to focus on a limited number of existing clients in 2023. Please note that we cannot take on any new clients until 2024 or a more appropriate time.

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